Dr. Robertson can provide you with dental implants that look and feel like the natural teeth that you lost or never had. Dental implants are the closest dental alternative to your natural teeth, as they are fused into your bone. There are many benefits to selecting implants over dentures and bridges. One benefit is that you never have to remove an implant. You do not have to take it out before you go to sleep or brush your teeth. Once the implant fuses with your bone, the replacement tooth is connected to it, and it stands firm.

Dental Implants Springfield OregonDental implants Springfield Oregon are a better alternative for speech purposes than dentures. Dentures can cause an assortment of speech problems such as slurring and salivation. Since implants are permanent fixtures, you will never have to worry about them slipping and causing an embarrassing moment. Additionally, eating abilities are far superior with implants than they are with dentures. Malfitting dentures can slide and cause you pain and discomfort. Implants always stay in place so you can eat to your heart’s content without them sliding or slipping.

Other cosmetic dental procedures require the dentist to remove or contour the enamel of accompanying teeth. Some bridge and crown work reduces the neighboring tooth enamel. A dental implant does not require such a procedure. Your old teeth remain healthy and in place, boosting your overall dental health. Finally, your self-esteem may improve with a dental implant. The implant will feel so much like your natural tooth that you will smile frequently and involve yourself in social activities.

The procedure for a dental implant requires extensive healing time. Dr. Robertson works with a team of the best oral surgeon, lab, and occasionally others to treat you with implants. The first thing the oral surgeon will do is place the titanium implant into the bone. If you do not have enough healthy bone for the implant, then he may need to conduct bone-grafting procedures. After placing the implant foundation, the jaw is left alone to heal and attach to the bone for three to six months.

Once you are healed enough, the dentist will attach a post to the implant. Finally, you will receive a natural, beautiful crown. The entire process can take up to 12 months depending on your healing speed.

Dental implants average lifetime is approximately 20 years, but your implant could last longer. The lifespan of an implant is contingent upon the dentist’s skills, your health, and your aftercare. The combination of your smart dental care choices and Dr. Robertson’s expertise should allow you to use the implant crown or bridge for many, many years.

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Dental Implants Springfield Oregon