Why Choose Our Family Dentist in Springfield Oregon?

Family Dentist in Springfield OregonDental hygiene is extremely important because poor oral care can affect your mouth and the rest of your body. Raising children who go to the dentist and care about their health is one of your responsibilities of a parent. Different options exist for dental care, but selecting a family dentist Springfield OR such as Dr. Lonn, who has become known for the best possible dental care for your family is of the utmost of importance.

Eliminating Fear
When children go to the dentist, whether for the first time or the fifth, they often express a great deal of fear. You want to teach them that the dentist is there to help them maintain their health. If you go to the same dentist, some of that fear can go away. Instead of telling your children that they have to go to the dentist, you can ask them if they would like to go on a special trip with mommy or daddy. Seeing you have an appointment with the dentist encourages them to do the same.

More Practical for Your Schedule
Some parents eventually drop going to the dentist from their schedules because there is just too much to do. This isn’t a good move for you or for your children when trying to demonstrate good oral hygiene. When you are all visiting with our family dentist Springfield Oregon, we can provide appointments around your schedule so that you don’t have to worry about making multiple trips to different oral hygiene specialists. You can schedule all of your appointments for the same day and all visit together.

Learning as a Family
Even if you have not been to the dentist in some time, it’s not too late to revamp your oral hygiene habits and to start protecting your teeth for the future. As a family, you can learn about new treatments available for certain conditions, and you can learn how to brush and floss properly. These habits are not important only for your children; they help you to maintain your health as well.

Of all the decisions you have to make this week, put scheduling an appointment for your family with the dentist at the top of your list.