Dr. Robertson can perform a root canal procedure if he determines that you need one. A root canal is a procedure that is meant to save a tooth when no other options are available except extraction. The doctor may recommend a root canal on a tooth that has extremely deep decay, a large filling, a recurring abscess, or extreme trauma. If you would like to save the tooth for cosmetic reasons, then the root canal is an effective procedure that can preserve it for many years. If you are having constant trouble with one of your teeth, then you may need a root canal.

One of the most common signs that you may need a root canal is extreme pain in the tooth. Simple tasks such as chewing may cause you great discomfort. In fact, the discomfort may be so great that over-the-counter medications no longer affect you. Your pain may radiate from the tooth to other parts of the body such as your neck, ears or eyes. This happens because your nerve is deeply irritated. In extreme cases, you may experience swelling on one side of your face. The best thing you can do to protect yourself is schedule an appointment with Dr. Robertson so he can examine you for a possible root canal.

During the root canal procedure, the doctor removes the nerve and pulp from the affected tooth. The two components are not necessary for a tooth to remain intact. However, additional infection and decay will result if you leave the nerve and pulp in the tooth. You could develop dangerous abscesses that can be fatal. Therefore, you must act on a recommended root canal as quickly as possible. Either a dentist or an Endodontist can perform a root canal procedure, and it takes approximately one hour.

First, the dentist will take an X-ray to get a visual picture of the shape of your root canals. He will also look for infection within the bone. Next, he will use an anesthetic to numb you for the procedure and place a dental dam in your mouth to keep the tooth dry and clean. The dentist will then drill a small hole into your tooth so that he can access the nerve and the pulp. He will then remove the pulp, nerve, and bacteria from the tooth. This requires the use of several root canal files.

Once the dentist is finished cleaning the tooth, he may seal it the same day. You may need to schedule additional appointments. The tooth with the root canal procedure will be weaker than the rest of your teeth since it has been repeatedly drilled and repaired. Therefore, you may have to have Dr. Robertson place a crown on the tooth. A crown can help preserve the tooth for as long as possible.

Occasionally, some teeth that need root canals are simply too difficult to perform in a general dental office and should be referred to a specialist. Dr. Robertson works with one of the finest endodontists (root canal specialist) in the state of Oregon.

If you believe that you may need a root canal, please schedule an appointment with the doctor as quickly as possible.





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